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A blog on Learning, technology and new media

Friday, April 25th, 2008

In this blog I will post some thoughts on issues within learning, technology and new media on a somewhat regular basis. The content will probably vary between more theoretical and methodological discussions and more playful posts about gadgets, services and tools that I stumble upon when experimenting with ‘new’ technologies and media in relation to learning. As such the topic is certainly not unique, as many other people interested in learning and technology are blogging about similar issues. But it will give me a chance to plug into debates going on in the blogosphere and comment on those from my perspective.

Also, I will post some thoughts related to my PhD dissertation which I successfully defended in November 2007. The title of the dissertation is “Patchworking as a Metaphor for Learning – Understanding Youth, Learning and Technology” and it can be freely downloaded (and further distributed) from the ‘e-Learning Lab Publication Series – site’. Also, I have created a page with some more background on the PhD-project and some related articles and materials. In a not too distant future, I will integrate this material in this blog as well. For now, I will not say too much about the dissertation, as I this is something I will get back to in future postings.

This is not really my first time trying to initiate and maintain a blog. Actually, I already have another blog which, however, is not as flexible and powerful as the WordPress software (for instance people had to register to leave comments due to spam). Also, I found it difficult to find the time to post on a regular basis which was somewhat reinforced by the lack of comments and dialogue on the blog – this will hopefully improve with the ‘new’ platform…at least I believe my motivation to blog will improve :-)

Now, comes a lot of work on installing widgets, designing the page and figuring out the mechanics of the WordPress software :-D