Quick note: Cloudscapes and tweets from ALT-C

I just thought I would do a quick post about the the interesting online activities taking place in relation to the ALT-C 2009 (Association for Learning Technology Conference). I am not attending the ALT-C – at least not physically, but through twitter (e.g. #altc2009) and cloudworks I can follow some of the debates and access some of the material that people post in relation to the presentations and discussions. In particular I think Cloudscape is interesting, and I can highly recommend people having a look at the ALT-C cloudscape made. What is interesting is that there are both descriptions of sessions, but also stuff people upload and share during the sessions are added or aggregated in this cloudscape (as clouds or through import of tweets, comments and much more) – I think it is really an interesting tool for conferences and other events (and probably also a lot of other stuff :-) )

But really great to be able to follow the debates going on and also being able to view some of the videos (maybe all?). There’s a good video on the debate of: The VLE is dead! (…or is it) (on Graham Attwells blog). This seems to have spurred some debate :-) ….as have the session, I imagine, on “Is there a Net generation coming to university?”…I would really have loved to joined these debates and hope I’ll have some time to do a blog-post on one of them :)

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  1. Good to read that the various efforts that are being made to “turn our conference inside out” are bearing fruit. If you’ve not seen it you may enjoy the log-in free parts of http://altc2009.alt.ac.uk/. Perhaps we will see you at our conference in Nottingham next year. Go to http://alt.ac.uk/altc2010. Seb Schmoller

  2. Thanks for the post Thomas, glad you found the ALT-C cloudscape useful. We are still testing out different ways in which cloudworks might add value and we have learnt alot from using it to live-blog/comment/aggregate around ALT-C, see http://cloudworks.ac.uk/index.php/news/view/1483.html for some of my initial personal reflections on this.

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